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De Waal Venter

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Launch of poetry volume

De Waal with the book


De Waal’s book Entangling states of mind has just been published and can now be bought here.
The publisher:
This company offers an author self-publishing and Print On Demand (POD). This means that if you can do the layout and cover of your book yourself, as well as go through the learning curve of mastering the publishing process online (not difficult at all) you can publish the book completely free.
There is no catch. Lulu takes a percentage of sales – much smaller than traditional publishers. The latter usually take an incredible 88% of the sales price.
You can read a review of the book on the website (see the link above) and you can also get a sneak preview of the first eleven pages.
A printed, paperback copy as well as an e-book version is available.

More can be discovered about the poeson on De Waal Venter’s personal website at:

Here is some background to the poems.

The book is divided into three sections: Hacking the human mind, Grasping my pencil with my toes, and Rhyming hunger with the right to live.  In Hacking the human mind the poems explore the myriad ways the human mind processes reality. The reader is invited to approach the world in its many manifestations from unusual and fresh directions. The poetry twists and turns and never ends in a way that could easily be predicted at the beginning. The second section Grasping my pencil with my toes, contains poems that explore reality and being much like the poems in the first section, but they all have a humourous core. Humour is employed as yet another way of attacking the hard shell of reality and penetrating into deeper meaning. The third section Rhyming hunger with the right to live, explores our threatened ecological systems and the beings that inhabit our environment. The fist poem Releasing the rock, is set outside the main body of the book as it is a type of keynote poem. This is where the concept of the poeson is discovered and described. The poeson is a concept that De Waal Venter has developed and which he employs when writing poetry. It can be described as a methodological tool in the poet’s arsenal. More can be discovered about the poeson on De Waal Venter’s personal website at:


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